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There's a suprising number of web sites dedicated to the Rio Grande Southern, and many more related to narrow gauge railroading, history, and modeling. Here's some of the ones I've found useful. If you know of others, or have comments of any kind, please email me at and let me know. Thanks, and enjoy!
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Goose Historical Soc TrainFan
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RGS Calendars!   315 runs:   6-08   more Podcast - Model Railcast   FB EBT pics -Fallen Flags
  Goose '99   J West Podcast - A Modelers Life   FB EBT -Vagel K
Misc NG History Coal Twr Podcast - Mike & Scotty Live   FB Last Coal Rd
C&S Freight Cars 463 Rebuild Slimrails -EBT
D&RG / RGS Cars Map   Main site   Friends Facebook - Modelers Guild
Osier Facebook - Model RR Operations
Misc RR History Rolling stock list Facebook - RR Glory Days
Texas Railroads Video - Cumbres/Chama Facebook - RGS Modeling, History
Trolleys & Trams YouTube -C&TS rotary

Narrow Gauge.net
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Steam Central
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Terrain Maps Mailing Lists -NG Mailing Lists -Model Mailing Lists -Misc
ACME Mapper DRGW Brass Collectors 3rd PlanIt
Dave's Maps Fine Scale Min Alps Decal
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ZoomEarth   Google Colorado NG Handlaid Track Car Cards
EBT Disc   EBT -group SoundTraxx Serg Couplers
NG Terra Srv links Mini-Bunch OH HOn3 CMRI Users
Sanborn maps NG Circle HOn3List DCC Model RR
Terrain -RGS route NG Conv #38 HOn30 Empire Express
T-zone NGSL
TopoZone Nn3 4-Lorne (logging)
NG Mining On3 Operations
Photo Collections RGS       Home Sn3 Train Media YardSale
Cushman / Indy U Silverton Bridge Modeling Train Tools
Lib of Congress pics SlimRails, Circle?   Home Structures Traction/Trammer -NG
DPL -Western photos SW NGers Gorre/Daphetid Weathering
Tweetsie Weathering Tech
White Pass HO Steam West Side Lumber
Logging Layout Design SIG   Wiki XTrkCad
History Mailing Lists - Scenery Layout Sound
Climax Locos Scenery HOn3 YardSale
Kentucky US RRs Scenery / Struct
Loggers, RRs & Pine Tree Making Repower/Regear
Steam in the Woods RPM Clinics     archive
West Side Lumber Co Rolling Stock
Scale Illiumination
YouTube ModelBuilders

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Animas Museum Kauai Plantation Rwy Ophir -trails
Area History Boulder Vly RR Hist Soc Maine NG Railroad Rico   Rico Hotel
CO Arch / Hist Prsv Black Canyon / 278 Roaring Camp Ridgway
CO Railroads Colorado RR Museum Sandy River & Rangeley San Juan Skyway
Durango Gunnison Pioneer Mus New England RR Silverton Northern
Mancos Project IL Railway Museum Strasburg RR Silverton Trails/Ghost Towns
Rico History Monticello RR Museum Sumpter Valley SW Colorado Org
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Telluride Hist Museum Yosemite Mtn Sugar Pine San Miguel   Ouray
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RR s/w webring Exploring the RGS New! CO Historic Newspapers Ghost Town Gallery
Corkscrew Gulch (ex)Dolores Star Durango Herald
Forest Service PIT Silverton Standard
Galloping Goose trail WestWord

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DCC- DecoderPro Conifiers   YouTtube RGS & Related Layouts
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Design- Empire Exp (Mac) Grandt Line Redwoods -Boone M Carter Preservation
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Design- TemPlot (Win,UK) Railroad Data Yosemite Valley (not NG) Fallen Flags (photos)
Design- XTrkCad (Win) Geared Locos   Shay Locos
Printed buildings (Win) rec.models.scale FAQ Modeling -NG
RailFonts     more Boerries B -NG pg Hobby Shop Finder
SteamCad (drawings) This-to-That (glue guide) Narrow Gauge Lines Nat Geo - Rico
TrainPlayer (Win only) Paper NG Wheels
MR software list Modeling -Design NG Clinics - Laurie G Park Trains
Ops- Interchange Perceptions B Hyman (ex-Sn3nut) Railcar Ops
Ops- Mad River (waybills) Layout Design SIG Railroad Paper
Ops- JMRI Ops Railspot
Ops- ProTrak Modeling - Clubs Red Mt Project
Ops- RailOP Modeling -Electronics Denver HO Model Club Rocky Mt RR Club
Circuitron Oklahoma NG Shay Locomotives
DCC wiring Slim Gauge Guild Tie Spacing, Rail Sizes
Ops- Shenware (waybills) Whistle Frequencies
Ops- ShipIt Miniatronics -electronics Modeling -Orgs Toy Trunk - Comics
Ops- Waybills (Mac alpha)
Simulation- Virtual RGS Wire -eBay New! NMRA

Art, Stuff, etc Models Modeling - Scenery Videos
Realistic Scenes RGS Models & Kits New! Arizona Rock & Mineral RGS Videos
John Coker's RR Art Bitter Creek Models Bragdon Enterprises Related Videos
Desperate (old signs, etc) BHI Rail Systems Dave Frary's site A-Trains
Roger Hogan photos Con-Cor Goose!   more GN Sand & Gravel Gandy Dancers
Division Pt K&S Scenery (trees) Green Frog
Duke Univ -old ads Evergreen Hill Peppergrass material Greg Scholl
GicLee Prints Hobby Circle Petite Pines Sunday River
Hats, Metal Signs, etc Grizzly Mtn Eng Scale Tree Chip Taylor
Railroad Art by Scotty Jay's Trains Scenic Express
MainStreet Timberline Music
C.W. McCall sang about RGS!
Backdrops Model RR Gen Store Modeling - Track Best Of C.W. McCall
Backdrop Intro PBL CV Track   Diamond Scale McCall-Greatest Hits
Backdrop WareHouse Pine Canyon Fast Tracks   Light Iron Lyrics -Galloping Goose
Cloud Stencils Railway Eng   Handlaying C.W. McCall site   alt
Darryl's Backdrop Video Railway Design Proto87     Proto48 RGS -Ellis Miller
Realistic Backgrounds Trout Creek
Valley Model Trains Modeling - Mech Paint / Weather
Decals / Transfers Wheelsets -Reboxx NWSL Bragdon Chalks
AccuRail Ye Olde Huff-n-Puff Roundbell Darryl's Weathering DVD
Champ Shay Fixer Joe's Stuff
Microscale Modeling - Structures Paint/Weathering Tips
Rail Graphics (custom) 1907 railroad shops Bridges / Trestles PC driftwood stain
San Juan Decals Banta Modelworks   pics! RGS Trestles -Bob H Weathering -Mario
Thin Film Decals Mt Albert -Scale Lumber RGS 45-B -Bob H
TMR Distributing Paper Creek Trestles -Black Bear Events
Rags to Riches Trestles -Mike's Bridges Nat NG, Hickory NC, 9/21
Lighting Signs for Structures Trestles RGS -Blackstone
My theatre lighting site Ye Olde Huff-n-Puff Stoner Creek Minatures
UV filters Large Scale Trestles
Modeling - Tools
MicroMark MRH Event Schedule
MRer Event Schedule
Midwest US events

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